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Why do we believe our garden rooms can't be beaten? Our garden rooms use the best possible components to provide a durable building that feels luxurious. From the base up it will really beat all the competition on the market.


The base is made up of MOT1 compressed in to the ground to stabilise it, from here you get a 125mm thick reinforced concrete base which once fully cured can happily take the weight of a large car or van.


The walls incorporate 100mm thick sip panels, this allows the maximum amount of insulating properties for a given thickness of wall. It also prevents thermal bridging compared to a stick frame with insulation in-between. Although our insulation values are one of the best in market we also offer a few upgrades should decide to want it even more eco friendly.


The inside of your garden room shall be plaster boarded and skimmed with multi finish plaster. this gives you the same feeling as being in a house. It can be painted to any colour at any time. Unlike many competitors whom hide their joints by using timber battens making the inside look rather messy.


The out side can be clad with a choice of materials. Thermo-woodtm cladding is the standard finish which has an exterior life span of 30 years plus, but you can also opt for a different wood finish such as Siberian larch or even a brick finish with the use of brick slips which has over 100 different choice of look.


The roof has a EPDM membrane which has a serviceable live exceeding 50 years, this sits on top of a 150mm thick sips panel roof board giving a massive 128mm of insulation keeping the warm in during the winter and preventing more heat entering during the summer compared to many of our competitors.


Doors and windows hold an energy efficiency rating of A, meaning less heat is lost, thus keeping heating costs during cooler months to a minimum.


Our garden rooms are also fully bespoke so you can alter just about anything to suite your design ideas. We cater for any design not just what you see on our site. So if you've seen something somewhere else we're more than happy to compile a custom quotation while designing the structure to be more durable.

Consider It Done Garden Rooms